Saturday, September 11, 2010

an invitation of sorts..

Feeling the intense need to cram my head full of information. Like my brain is parched, and books hold liquid information I want to swim in, hold my breath and dive under till I'm exhausted and saturated and have to come up for air..

Accompanying this desire to fill myself to bursting point with new ideas is the need to subsequently inflict my new findings and opinions on any poor soul within earshot (or now, anyone hapless enough to stumble upon this blog..).

I am currently a student of Public Policy, and International Relations - and in the name of disclosure I also come from an influential background of feminist and anarchist thinking.  I love the idea of 'The System' as a puzzle, a pattern, a machine formed of (at times) a myriad of seemingly unrelated parts that when put together form the miracle that is the society that we live our lives by, and within, from birth till burial.  I love watching over my City from the window of my bus and contemplating how amazing it is that this bustle of buildings and people come together and ensure that the streets are cleared of rubbish every night, that when I turn on a tap, fresh drinkable water comes out.  That the clothing people around me are wearing is determined not by purpose or availability of local product but by some.. understanding..? dictate..? from half a world away.. Opinions on what this all means abound in my head, but lately I have been more drawn to the fascination of the mechanisms, both material and social, that bring the whole shebang together. Ways we take for granted every minute of the day.

As my big fix, the monkey on my back, at the moment is knowledge, and I believe that knowledge consists of the accumulated experience of many different people, I really hope that if you want to comment on, add to, or veer off on some crazy tangent from what I've written then you will do so.


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